Tips for Maintaining Your Boat

All boats need repairs and services during their lifetime. The severity of damages and wear and tear, and the frequency of visits to the repair shop can be reduced by taking maintenance into your own hands. Owning a boat is an investment, but it also requires some attention. To maintain your boat and prolong its life, follow these maintenance tips.

Wash your boat regularly. This will keep it clean and less likely to grow unwelcome guests. If you boat in saltwater, rinse the hull with fresh water after every outing.

Use the correct cleaning products. Your boat is made of special and expensive materials. To avoid damaging these materials, make sure that you use the correct type of cleaning products that are non-corrosive and will protect the boat’s finish.

Change oil regularly. This is necessary for cars and boats. The frequency of oil changes will be determined by how often you use it and the model of the boat. It should be done at least once a year.

Check and clean the propeller. You should check your propeller before every trip to make sure everything is working. You should also remove the propeller a few times during boating season to check for fishing line that may have gotten stuck. If a line did get stuck, take it to your repairman.

Check the propeller for dents. If your propeller is damaged in any way, it may cause your boat to lose power and cause you to use more fuel than usual. Check for any signs of damage and send it to your repairman to fix when needed.

Use waterproof grease. Before putting back the propeller, use waterproof grease on the shaft. Make sure that you put everything back in the right order and fasten everything properly.

Cover the boat. Your boat should be stored with a covering of some sort to protect it against the sun and rain.

If you are still unsure about certain maintenance aspects, contact your dealer or your service provider and ask them for advice.

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