Jackson Marine is a full-service and repair facility. They have all the necessary machinery, equipment, and technicians to address any damage, repairs, and other problems with your boat. They offer a wide range of services that will cater for anyone’s boat needs.

Jackson Marine offers the following services:

Boat General Service – Boats need to be serviced after a certain number of hours on the water. This is maintenance services that make sure all the parts are in working condition and to tune-up anything that needs it.

Specific Repairs – Any specific repairs from hull damage, to mast damage, to interior damage. They can assess the damage and fix almost anything.

Hull Re-painting – Re-painting the hull to give it a new look and ensuring its integrity is very important. They have expert hull painters and all the necessary equipment to safely paint your boat without causing any damage.

Boat Restoration – If you need an older model boat to be restored or renovated, they can definitely help with that. They meet with customers to find out what they want and make improvements according to the specifications. The restoration can include hull repairs, rebuilds where needed, sanding, painting, interior decorating, plumbing, etc.

Interior Services – Not only do they repair the inside and outside of the boat, but they can also do the decorations. They have interior designers that can create a paradise inside your boat. They also have carpenters that can design and build cabinets and other furniture specifically for your needs and taste.

Jackson Marine is a full service and repair facility. Once you have tried their services, you will never look for another service or repair company.